History History
InfoDial.net was founded by Gregory Way in 1995.

He had Pacific Bell run T1 trunks that terminated in his home and connected to the Internet through a peering arrangement with USC/ISI where Jon Postel wrote most of the early RFC documents that defined things such as email. It was the dawn of the Internet, well, for the web.

Greg connected credit card processing via a modem rack he setup to connect to various processors. Back then there was a 45 second wait time because modems had to dial other modems and connect in order to process a credit card. He created template based database and shopping cart systems so InfoDial's customers could build their own eCommerce web sites based on his CGI system wich later evolved into objects that could be called from ClassicASP. Greg also pioneered electronic checks and methods of shipping and tax calculation.

Windows did not have a websever yet but when it was released Greg fixed a security flaw with C++ code and switched. Google wasn't the search engine yet. Amazon was being developed. Yahoo was the search engine. The web browser was Netscape Navigator. Windows 95 was coming!

Gregs background in card processing systems went back years before he molded InfoDial. Originally a telecominications company InfoDial, Inc. was wearing thin on money as Greg hated the voicemail systems he invented. "I started an industry where people stop talking and leave each other voicemail. ", said Greg. He switched his focus to the Internet in early 1995 and by June he had started a dial up and hosting company which soon became an eCommerce company. "It seemed like I was in the habit of forming business whose categories could not be found in the yellow pages." He added. "Today, a new conecept can be launched in a simular manner, without the help of the phone book."

I think soon the "Internet" will come forward with technology that will bring benefits beyond social media and eCommerce. It already has, but these new technologies will change our lives yet again.